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About Changhua

There is a good reason Changhua ranks in top 10 among tank trailer and trailer manufacturers in China. With roots dating back to 1994, we know a thing or two about building rugged tank trailer trucks and semi trailers featuring style and function.

With more than 400 talented workers on staff and a manufacturing complex outfitted with 6 manufacturing lines and more than 300 pieces of dedicated equipment, Changhua is ideally placed to produce some of the best specialized trucks and trailers in the industry. A high level of automation (up to 60%) allows us to finish streamlined work at a speed hardly seen among industrial peers.

From our ISO9000 certified manufacturing facility, a staff of more than 30 quality inspectors ensures process and product quality is closely controlled. The result is a high pass rate of over 98%. The company invests heavily in new product development and technology innovation, as we hire more than 60 experts and get them to work in our chemical analysis lab, physical testing lab and X-ray flaw detection lab. Our testing labs are a fully equipped space, including more than 20 pieces of specialized test equipment such as the universal testing machine, impact tester, carbon/sulfur analyzer, air tightness tester, and X-ray flaw detector.

We are the first to build and run a specialized vehicle research center in Heibei Province, where technicians are dedicated to the development of premium quality semi-trailer, dry bulk tank trailer, fuel tank trailer trailer, and more. From 2011 onward, we have filed more than 20 patent applications.

In 2014, our annual sales reach 600 million RMB, and we paid over 10 million RMB for taxes. Changhua aluminum tank trailer was approved by the European Committee for Standardization, which is symbolic of its great value.

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