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Flatbed Trailer

 Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailer is contrasted with stake-bed trailer, which does not have stake sides but like the latter, has a low-profile platform (bed). Known for its low ground clearance, the flatbed trailer also has a low center of gravity which gives stability to the truck.

When your transporting involves heavy bulky construction machinery and steel materials, Changhua truck trailer is the ideal choice. The tri-axle trailer features a balanced structure and is visually appealing. Designed with the aid of advanced CAD software, the truck is durable and provides years of rugged performance.

Trailer body may include one front panel upon customer request. Usually it consists of nothing but a flat platform. The truck is 1700mm high. ABS system comes from Xi'an Zhengchang Electronic Co., Ltd. Model No.: 4S/2M.

Side and rear protections are made from Q235A steel, either welded or bolted to truck chassis. Rear protections have a cross section of 140×60 and provides 520mm of ground clearance. Mainly used for transporting round tubes and logs. 10 square posts on both sides of the trailer, allowing fast assembly and disassembly.

Technical Specs of Flatbed Trailer
Product Code ZJCMR3UH03L
Vehicle Code HCH9400P
Vehicle Name Flatbed semi trailer
Length 13000 Width 2500
Height 2970,1700
Wheelbase 6900+1310+1310 Front axle track -
Rear axle track 1840/1840/1840 No. of tires 12
Tire size 11.00R20 12PR Total weight 40000
Tare weight 8000 Rated weight 32000
Axle capacity -/24000 (double axle) No. of springs -/4/4/4,-/10/10/10
Tractor saddle 16000 No. of axles 3
VIN code LA99TW4D ×××HCH ×××
LA99TW4D ×××HBC ×××
Reflective logo enterprise Zhejiang Daoming Optics Co., Ltd. Reflective logo model DMCT1000-01
Reflective logo brand Mingdao ABS Yes
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