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Container Trailer

 Container Trailer

Changhua intermodal container trucking hauler, or simply container trail, is widely used for conveying goods between two modes of transportation. High-strength container withstands repeated use.

Container trailers provide a convenient means of goods transportation as users can load goods from the warehouse onto a container moving hauler and move them to the receiver's site. Changing modes of transportation during transit is easy, as users only need to move the container from one vehicle to another without the hassle of taking out the goods inside the container.

The container transport trailer allows for fast loading and unloading, which saves time and labor. It can come with 8 or 12 locks, one 40ft container, or one or two 20ft units. Truck chassis is made of 700 gauge high-strength steel which is lightweight and allows the container trailer to carry heavier loads. Commonly seen at shipyards, docks, airports, highways, transfer stations, on bridges, in tunnels and multi-mode transportation systems.

Technical Specs of Container Trailer
1. HCH9402TJZ Container Trailer
Model No. HCH9402TJZ
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 14050×2500×1740
Axle 3
Curb Weight (T) 6.05
Payload (T) 33.95
2. HCH9403TJZ Container Trailer
Model HCH9403TJZ
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 14970×2500×1740
Axle 3
Curb Weight (T) 6.2
Payload (T) 33.8
3. HCH9351TJZ Container Trailer
Model HCH9351TJZ
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 12300×2500×1540
Axle 2
Curb Weight (T) 4.27
Payload (T) 30.48
4. HCH9404TJZ Container Trailer
Model HCH9404TJZ
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 13300×2500×1560
Axle 3
Curb Weight (T) 6
Payload (T) 34
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