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Bulk Cement Tank Trailer

 Bulk Cement Tank Trailer

Cement tank trailer or cement bulker or cement tank trailer is constructed from butt-welded plates. Plates are welded from one side only to ensure weld quality and visually appealing weld seams.

Advanced NC plate rolling machine is used to bend plates into desired shapes. Double wire MIG/MAG welding is used for welding around the circumference of the cement bulk tank. Bulk cement tanks are constructed using industry-leading techniques to guarantee product quality and reliability.


Tank Volume: 40m3
Tank length: 12800mm
Front smaller part: lengh, 3200; diameter,φ2100
Rear larger part: length, 6800; diameter, φ2500
ABS system: 4S/2M
Protective material: Q235
Rear protective cover: cross sectional size, 140×60
Height off ground: 540mm

Technical Specs of Bulk Cement Tank Trailer
Product Code ZF4U83VJ0JN
Vehicle Code HCH9400GSN
Product Name Bulk Bulk Cement Tank Trailer
Length 12800 Width 2500
Height 3900
No. of Springs -/11/11/11 ,-/9/9/9 No. of Axles 3
Wheelbase 7680+1350+1350 Front Axle Track -
Rear Axle Track 1840/1840/1840 No. of Tires 12
Tire Size 11.00-20 12PR Total Weight 39800
Curb Weight 12800 Rated Weight 27000
Axle Capacity -/24000 (3 axles)
Tractor Saddle 15860
VIN Code LA99TW2D ×××HCH ×××
Reflective Logo Enterprises Zhejiang Daoming Optics Co., Ltd. Reflective Logo Model DMCT1000-01
Reflective Logo Brand MINGDAO ABS System Yes
Release date 2012-07-11 Batch number 238
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