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High Pressure Tank Trailer

Chanhua has been qualified to design and manufacture pressure vessels for LNG transportation. Low to medium pressure tanks are classified as Class III, Type A2, while trailer-mounted tanks (including cryogenic insulated tanks) and tank containers meet state-defined Type C2 and Type C3 standards respectively.

LNG transport trailers or cryogenic semi-trailers are widely used in various industrial, commercial and lab settings for the storage and transfer of helium, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, natural gas and other hydrocarbon products. Applications for our insulated cargo tanks abound, including biomedical, food, entertainment, aerospace, thermal testing, alternative fuels, vacuum systems and other industrial end users.

Reliable, simple structured, and visually appealing, Changhua transfer trailer integrates features typically found in comparable road trailers produced both at home and abroad. Combining that with advanced technologies and stringent processes, we can ensure customers will receive nothing but rugged durability.